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  • African African (culture)
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  • Vampires Vampires (common type)

The Adze is a Vampiric being from the tales of the Ewe people who lived in the Ghana and Tongo regions in Africa. They have the appearance of a firefly but when they are captured, they loose this disguise and appear as a human. Their human form resembled a hunchback ugly human with long talons. This was their most dangerous state. In this form it would rip open the abdomen of its next chosen victim, usually the one who captured it, and it would consume their heart and liver before draining them of blood.

When in their firefly form, the Adze would fly into huts and suck blood from their host as they slept. The host victim would then wake up sick with a insect bite mark and would die within a matter of days. In particular the Adze loves the taste of the blood of a child. If it cannot find blood, the Adze would become frenzied and feed upon coconut water and palm oil from which it would regain its strength and become less aggressive. If humans interfere with its diet, the Adze would then produce and carry around and most potent and deadly disease which it would pass onto the next child it sucked blood from.

The Adze has the power to possess the minds of other people. They had a tendency to possess certain people. Their main victims of possession were old people, women and the poor. The possessed is classed as a witch, despite their innocence since they cause misfortune to around them.

Most terrifying of all is that the Adze is invincible in its firefly form. The only way to destroy on of these Vampires is to capture the Adze and subdue it whilst its in its hunchback form. Once subdued and bounded the Adze would be executed, slaughtered or given to the families of the Adze victim. If the latter is done, the Adze would meet a slow and painful death.

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