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Aeshma is one of the Demons of Zoroastrian and Iranian belief. He is in the third hierarchy on demons in Zoroastrian belief. His name means ‘Madness’ and he is the Demon of rage causing disputes in the human world to continue inspiring hot blood into disputers. He causes lust, vengeance and sheer rage in humans. When he unsuccessful to influence humans he turns to the Demons and casuses animosity among them. Aeshma speeds up the soul of the dead before they can reach salvation. The Wise Lord, Ahura Mazda assigned Sraosha to control and in the end defeat this Demon.

A Parsee story tells of a Demon in rage called Aesham Deva who directed his anger towards the cow, the sacred animal. The hero Saosyant was the only one who was able to overcome and destroy Aesham Deva.

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