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Akaname was a Deamon from Japanese folklore from the Gazu Hyakki Yako. written by Toriyama Sekien. It is based on the Aka-Neburi from Kokon Hyaku Monogatari Hyoban. Sekien gives no description of the creature but simply gives it a drawing. The Akaname is drawn as having the body of a human but looking much like a Goblin. It has long shaggy hair and one toes on each foot from which protrudes a long toe nail. Its tongue is extremely long and dripping with saliva. The drawing also illustrates that the Akaname is an untidy creature that inhabits the bathrooms of people’s houses, eating the grim and filth from the floor. Its saliva is poisonous and it uses this to help lick the dirt and grim. Stories of the Akaname was used to scare children into keeping the bathroom clean in fear that it might attract an Akaname. The name Akaname roughly translates as ‘Filth Licker’.

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