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A Celtic Giant from the land of Briton. According to the writer Geoffrey of Monmouth in his book The History of the Kings of Britain (c. 1138), Albion lived with his brothers Gog and Magog. At this time, the kingdoms of the British Isles were known as Albion. Albion, Gog and Magog ruled Britain with a nation of Giants until Brut (Brutus) came from the Mediterranean and conquered the land in 1200 BC. The Giants were killed off in the many battles that ensued. After a successful conquest, Brutus renamed the land Britannia the origin of the name Britain.

He is a Giant who according to William Blake is linked with the Biblical Giants that survived the flood of Noah’s Ark. In the book Jerusalem, the poet William Blake writes:

“Jerusalem the Emanation of the Giant Albion! Can it be? Is it a Truth that the Learned have explored? Was Britain the Primitive Seat of the Patriarchal Religion? If it is true, my title-page is also True, that Jerusalem was & is the Emanation of the Giant Albion... Your Ancestors derived their origin from Abraham, Heber, Shem and Noah, who were Druids, as the Druid Temples.”

Albion is also the name of a Roman Giant.

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