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The Amaru is a giant chimerical being (it body parts are that of a variety of animals) from South American mythology. This creature has a camelid head, wings and bird like claws and a the body of a fish; and are the children of the rainbow.

Legend has it that the ancient people of Junin (Peruvian city) lived in caves as refugees for fear of being devoured by wild animals inhabiting the territory.

God Wirachuka saw this and decided to do something about it, he asked rainbow to help and from his chest emerged the first amaru: a black and terrifying being with wings and bird claws and the head of ‘llama’.

The sacred beast was sent to exterminate all wild and dangerous animals but, once the work was done The Amaru began to attack the men to seeing that these were dangerous to themselves. The people wept and prayed to God and his heart was touched; to help he sent a second warrior: The Silver Amaru, like his older brother in attributes, but more noble heart.

Black Amaru and Silver Amaru fought fiercely and destroyed everything in the fight, resulting in a cure worse than the evil. God, angry at his error sent the thunder and the wind to kill both Amaru; once the two beasts were dead, their corpses were transformed into mountains and it's said that the Andes mountain range owes its origin to this two creatures.

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