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Androsphinx is one of the three species of Sphinx, the other two being Criosphinx and Hierocosphonx. The Androsphinx is the mo st popular of the three and is most familiar to us . The Androsphionx has the body of a lion with the head of a human, usually a head of a man. IT rarely appeared to have a head of a woman and when it did it was usually depicted as the reigning goddess Isis. It wheres a pharaoh's hat on its head.

The Androsphinx is a symbol of abundance, power, wisdom and mysteries as well as riddles truth, unity and secrets. Since it combines parts of the human body to an animal body, the Androsphinx represents the union of the mind body and soul as well as physical strength.Statues of the Androsphinx were built during ancient Egypt and some still exist today. These huge structures show the Androsphinx lying down with its head up. Its male face was that of the Pharaoh who ordered its construction.

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