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  • North American North American (culture)
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Humanoid creatures that dwell in North America. They have small head, large bodies with long arms and legs that are very straight. They were very strong and tenacious creatures, feared by the Native Americans. They grow no taller than 3ft and could traverse great distances by hopping with their bizarre elongated legs. It is believed that these creatures dwell in Southern Canada. They are very territorial and are strict with their hunting grounds. Despite this they are generally known to be friendly towards the Native American tribes. They remain only hostile towards settlers who camp near their area. The Armouchiquois are curious creatures and are deeply interested in human technology and disputes.

The word Armouchiquois was also given by the Abnaki tribes to the naitve American people of New Engalnd. the tribe was visited in 1605 by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain

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