Also known as Aspidodelone, Asp Turtle, Zaratan.

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A gigantic colossal turtle that is sometimes mistaken as an island. Over time mud and soil accumulated on its shell and bushes and trees grew on it. Sailors would settle on what they thought was an island and light a fire and set up camp. During the night while they slept the beast would sink beneath the waters drowning the unfortunate sailors. This creature is also said to be a whale or just some sea monster. Although it was mentioned by medieval travellers in their tales, this beast was also mentioned in the Physiologus, a manuscript from Alexandria in Egypt 200 BC. It can also be found in 9th century work by Al-Jahiz and later the Spanish naturalist Miguel Palacios in Book of Animals. It features in the 1220 Anglo Saxon Bestiary and in Wonders of Creation by Al-Qaswini in the 13th century. Its most famous appearance was in the adventures of Sinbad from Tales of the Thousand and One Nights.

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