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These are guardian spirits of Hawaiian myth. They take the form of any creature but most commonly they appear as owls, sharks, turtles, lizards, hawks or a snake. The form they take depends on the family that the Aumakua comes from. It is said that the Amakua live by their own laws. They spend most of their time acting as guardians of the living and watch over them with care. The Aumakau were not always an Aumakua, they were once a member of the family which it now guards.When a family member died, if the family,or the deceased wished to become a Aumakua, the family would perform a ritual on the deceased’s body so their spirit could become an Aumakua and watch over the family.

It is possible for their offspring to be born into mortal families. These children have supernatural powers. The Aumakua are responsible for taking the souls into the afterlife. It is said that on the first stop of the journey into the afterlife it is possible to confess your sins to the Aumakua and enter the heavens.

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