Also known as Aida Wedo

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  • African African (culture)
  • Aquatic Aquatic (attribute)
  • Reptilian Reptilian (attribute)
  • Celestial Celestial (attribute)
  • Friendly Friendly (behaviour)
  • Sea Serpents Sea Serpents (common type)

A Rainbow Serpent of Haiti. He is the mount of the Creation Goddess Mawu and consort to Damballah. It is believed that when creating the earth Ayida left excrement which are now our mountains. Once the world was created, Mawu realized that there were too many large objects on the surface which would bring about war amongst men. So Mawu left her mount inside the crust of the earth to protect the people. To prevent the serpent being overcome by heat, created the oceans to cool him. However the heat would eventually from time to time be too much which resulted in the snake shifting creating earthquakes. It is believed that Ayida has a diet of iron bars but when these run out he will eat his tail and himself bringing about the end of the world. Great care is taken not to ever anger the serpent. At weddings anyone devoted to the god makes expansive offerings to quell any feeling of jealousy.

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