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An Irish Giant who is the commander of the Fomorian people who had a deadly eye in the middle of his forehead. From this eye shone a ray of scorching light that burnt to death anyone who was in his line of sight. Balor brought terror to those who saw him. He usually kept his eye closed and his eyelids were so heavy four men were required to lift it up. He gained this magical eye when drops of his father’s magical potion fell into his eye when spying on his father in the forbidden room. He learnt to kill and rip people apart when he was a small child.

He appears in many legends that tells of his demise. In one story, he led his army of Fomorians to battle against the Celtic hero Lugh and his men. In battle Lugh blinded Balor by throwing a special spear created by Goibniu. A variation of this epic states that a courageous warrior known as Ogma, disarmed the Giant while the soldier Nuada was caught in Balor’s deadly gaze. Lugh then used his sling and shot Balor in the eye driving the eye far back into his head. Disorientated, Balor gaze fell upon his own men burning them to death. Another tells how Lugh caused Balor to fall to the ground. The burning gaze created a very deep hole in the ground where the Giant died. Later water flooded in this hole creating a lake now known as Loch na Sul (‘Lake of the Eye’).

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