Boar of Beann-Gulbain

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This was a boar from Ireland that had no ears and no tail. It was once the son of a man named Agnus. Agnus adopted the son Duibhne called Diarmaid. Diarmaid quarrelled with the son of Agnus and killed him in a fight. He refused to give Agnus blood money as compensation. Agnus then chanted magical words over the corpse of his dead son. His son then came back to life but had transformed into a boar. Agnus cursed Diarmaid and said that the two will share the same life span so when one died so did the other. Many years passed and Diarmaid teamed up with the hero Finn to hunt a ferocious boar that was ravaging the land. They used their dogs and hunted it to the heights of Beann-Gulbain. During the night Diarmaid cornered the beast and tried to kill it with his weapons. The two fought and the boar gorged on the flesh of Diarmaid. As it did so, although the hunter had dropped his weapons in battle he took his scabbard which is all he had left, and stabbed the boar. The boar cried out in pain and lay mortally wounded alongisde Diarmaid who also lay dying of his wounds. Finn asked a warrior to bring special healing water from the well. Diarmaid drank the water but it was no use. Finn tried again and again but after his third attempt both the boar that had been the son of Agnus and Diarmaid died.

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