Bogle of Todshawhill

Also known as Gilpin Horner

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  • European European (culture)
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  • Domestic Domestic (attribute)
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A small trickster sprite from an old English tale. It has the upper-half of an old lady with strong stout powerful legs below.

At one time, two youths were tendering their horses in the yard when the Gilpin Horner appeared out of the mist. Terrified, the boys ran out and towards the milking sheds. Magically, creature got there before them. The tow ladies doing their evening milking came out to see what the commotion was all about. They jumped at the site of Gilpin Horner who just sat there and spoke gently. The little person followed the group home and invited herself to stay at the house of James Moffat in Eskdale. It would leave each day and return in the evening to eat barley and milk for supper. Although the sound of hooves could be heard in the court yard, the Gilpin Horner remained invisible. The people of James Moffat’s house trapped Horner in a barn but it would be seen on the top of the barn in the morning. After staying for 1 week Gilpin Horner vanished. It was last seen sitting on a rock in Brampool but never bothered the people of James Moffat’ again.

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