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A mythical animal from the region of Rio Grande do Sul, a southern state in Brazil. This creature is described as a winged ox that has golden horns and metal ears. Its eyes are diamonds. From the tip of its horns spew flames of fire and from its eyes shine rays of light. The Boi-Vaquim appears on the night of the pampas, shining against the dark night sky. Few bracve men have tried to lasso the animals so they can have it for their own. However it takes more than courage to capture the Boi-Vaqium. One needs a strong arm and great skill.

It has been described by the wirter and folklorist Mario Souto Maior (1920 - 2001)

"It puts the peasants in fear when they see the sparks fire spewing from the tips of the horns and its diamond eyes. One must be very good, very strong and very courageous to capture it on a horse and be good legs and reins."

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