Bran the Blessed

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A giant of Celtic mythology that was the son of the god of the sea, Llyr. His name means ‘Raven’. He was the ruler of the sea and had a mortal wife named Penardun. He was of great height and when he invaded Ireland with his Celtic army he used his body as a bridge for his men on his boat to climb across and onto the land. He defeated the King of that region and made his son, Gwen the ruler. Gwen was deceived by the evil Evissyen and was thrusted into a fire. Bran chased the King of Ireland and Evissyen which ended in an epic battle. In a previous wedding to the King of Ireland, Bran had given a magic cauldron which restored dead soldiers from battle. Now enemies, the King used this cauldron against Bran and defeated Bran’s armies. Bran himself was mortally wounded by a poisonous spear. Only he, Taliesin the Wizard and seven of his finest warriors were left alive. Bran surrendered and ordered his men to cut his head off. His head was taken to London on ‘White Hill’ where the Tower of London now stands. His head did not decay and was left facing south so that none from Europe would conquer the British Isles.

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