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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
  • Domestic Domestic (attribute)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Friendly Friendly (behaviour)
  • Fairies and Nymphs Fairies and Nymphs (common type)

Bwbachod- Plural

A Welsh Brownie- a household fairy. They are generally friendly and find themselves an owner. They live in the household of their owner and come out at night to set out on daily tasks. They are 3ft tall, have lots of shaggy hair and wear brown clothes. They hate being talked to directly so you must announce what you would like doing or any worries you have while engaged in mundane activity around the house. One must pay them for their work with a glass of milk, oats, cakes or a bowl of cream. If a Bwbachod gets offended then it turns into a Boggart- a spirit that causes a nuisance for people. Bwbachod tend to help by giving advice, attending cattle and other daily chores.

The main difference between a Bwbach and a Brownie is that the Bwbach hate clerical people and those that do not drink alcohol and are a constant nuisance to them. They are also responsible for up keeping the pagan tradition in the house.

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