Also known as Baekho in Korea and Bach Ho in Veitnam.

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The name of the White Tiger in Japanese. The Byakko is the counterpart to the Azure Dragon and features in Feng Shui. The Byakko symbolizes the Yin energy in objects while the Azure Dragon symbolizes the Yang. The Byakko is said to be inferior the the Azure Dragon that should be made more powerful than the tiger. This can be done by having the right side of a house higher than the left side. The right side contains the power of the Azure Dragon and the left side contains the power of the Byakko. It is said to be very inauspicious to see Byakko whilst gambling. According to legend, the Byakko was born when after 500 years of living the orange tiger changed its colour to white. The Byakko is associated with the west and autumn. It would only appear when there was peace in the world. The other four cardinal creatures are Black Tortoise of the north, Azue Dragon of the east, and Vermillion Bird of the south.

Also known as Baekho in Korea and Bach Ho in Veitnam.

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