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A Cambion is a mythical creature of medieval belief that is said to be a half-human offspring of a Succubus and an Incubus, using the reproductive services of a human male and female. When the child is born they appear normal. It is only once they pass the age of seven do their demonic being become more obvious. It is said that even from birth the Cambion would show no signs of life such as a breath of a pulse. The Cambion is extremely cunning and is a master at persuading others to do their bidding. To to their demonic parents the Cambion always has evil intentions. Unlike its parents the Cambion cannot produce offspring. The reproduction of a Cambion is a little strange. A Succubus may withdraw sperm from their human victim and pass it on to a Incubus. The Incubus would then carry this sperm and use it to impregnate a sleeping woman.

Caliban, a character that features in Shakespeare’s The Tempest is a Cambion.

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