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This was a giant Crab that battled against Hercules. Hercules was born from Zeus and Alcmene. When Hera found out that Zeus had cheated on her and had a son, she vowed to destroy Hercules. The hero was sent to fight the many headed Dragon, the Hydra in his second of twelve tasks that he would face. Whilst in a furious battle against the reptilian beast, a giant crab, Cancer emerged from the waters to join in the frenzy. Hera watched joyfully as her two beasts attempted to tear Hercules apart. Cancer cut away at the ankles of Hercules but the hero crushed the crab’ shell underneath his foot.

Since the Crab had put up such a great fight, its corpse was flung into the sky were it transformed into the star sign that we know of today. This star sign is found between the constellations of Leo and Gemini.

The disease cancer was named after this beast as patients suffering from cancer develop crab like pincer shapes in their body.

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