Also known as Cirein Croin, Curtag Mhor a Chuain, Mial Mhor A’ Huain, Uile Bheisd a Chuain, Uilebheist.

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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
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A sea monster of Scottish belief. Its name means ‘Grey Crest’ and is large enough to swallow whales. It was described as the largest Sea Serpent in the world. It is also known as Curtag Mhor a Chuain ‘The Great Ocean Whirlpool’, Mial Mhor a Chuain ‘The Great Beast of the Ocean’, and Uile Bheisd a Chuain ‘The Monster of the Ocean’. They are believed to be a colossal in size growing up to 100ft in length and raising it‘s head 30ft above the water. They cause destruction at sea and on land. They are extremely dangerous causing destruction to all creatures and even fight each other.

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