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  • European European (culture)
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  • Troublesome Troublesome (behaviour)

These are cellar spirits who take the form of small men. They wear a red pointed hat with red overalls and a white buttoned shirt. They wear stockings and pointed shoes. They tend to inhabit the cellars of wine merchants and landlords. These creatures tend to not create a nuisance if business is running smoothly. However if business is bad, the Cluricans drink and eat far more than they should emptying the cellar of stock rapidly. When drunk they are bad tempered and create much noise during the night. The Cluricans are also known to inhabit personal households. Once aggressive, the Cluricans are difficult to get rid off. The only way to remove one from ones household is to empty all the alcohol of ones stock. Having no way of getting drunk, the Clurican will find a well stocked cellar elsewhere.

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