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Cratos was one of the Titans of Greek mythology. He was born from Pallas and Styx alongside his siblings, Nike (whose name means victory), Bia (whose name means force) and Zelus (whose name means zeal or rivalry). Together these were the winged enforcers of Zeus. Cratos was the personification of strength and power.

In one myth Cratos captures Prometheus and together with Bia and Hephaestos, they bind Prometheus to the rocks with unbreakable chains. Prometheus stole the fire from Hephaestos to give to the people of this world. As a punishment he is imprisoned to the rocks where vultures continuously ate away at his liver.

Cratos, his father Pallas and his siblings Bia and Nike all fought alongside Zeus when Kronos and the Titans rose up to try to overthrow the Olympian gods.

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