Also known as Kyklopes

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The Cyclops were single eyed Giants with their one eye in the middle of their forehead. They were extremely vicious, every thought and moved was filled with a mind of aggression. According the the writer Hesoid, the Cyclops were stubborn strong and 'abrupt of emotion'.

There were two generations of Cyclops inn greek myth. The first generation consisted of three Cyclopses belonging to Gaia and Ouranos. They were called Brontes, Steropes and Arges which all refer to thunder and lightning. They were once imprisoned in Tartarus by the Titans but were rescued by the Olympian gods who persuaded them to join them. They were then given the task to make weapons for the gods in forgeries under Mount Etna. The three Cyclops were killed by the arrows of Apollo after they made the arrows that killed the Greek hero Aesculapius.

The second generation of Cyclops were a band of lawless shepherds who lived in Sicily. They were not good at manipulating metals like their ancestors and so they spent their time farming. One of these Cyclops called Polyphemus lived in a cave on the farm. Odysseus and his crew came to the land and unintentionally trespassed on the land of Polyphemus. Polyphemus took them captive but Odyseus outwitted the Cyclops and escaped. By the time Polyphemus realized that his new heard of soldiers were escaping, it was too late. He hurled rocks at hem and screamed with rage.

There are a numerous amount of possibilities to the origin of the Cyclops. Some say that elephant skulls were found that had a huge hole in the head. The archeologists at that time may have interpreted this as the beast being a very large human with a horn on its head. Another possibility is that the Cyclops were black smiths. Black smiths were physically very strong and wore an eye patch to protect one eye from the sparks so that in the unlikely case of an accident they would only lose one eye.

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