Ddraig Goch

Also known as Y Draig Goch

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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
  • Flying Flying (attribute)
  • Reptilian Reptilian (attribute)
  • Friendly Friendly (behaviour)
  • Dragons Dragons (common type)

The red Dragon of Wales found on many emblems including their flag. It featured in the story of the tyrant Vortigen. Vortigen built many towers and walls to protect himself from princes wishing to rule the land. The towers would keep collapsing and were rebuilt. Vortigen got tired of this and consulted his druids. The druids said they needed the blood of a child whose father was not a human. When they found such a child, the boy described that the towers were falling, not because of armies but because of the two quarrelling Dragons beneath the earth. When Vortigen’s men dug into the ground, two mighty Dragons escaped, one red and one white. The white Dragon was eventually defeated.

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