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An spirit who is the embodiment of supreme evil. The word originates from the Hebraic word ‘Satan’ and the Greek ‘Diablos’. He also goes by the name of Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, and Abaddon. When the word ‘Devil’ is spelt in lower case it is the used to mean Demon or a lower ranking evil entity. This personification of evil in Christianity derived from the creatures of evil in Mesopotamian myth such as the Tiamat and the more evil than good gods in Egyptian myth such as Set.

In Judaic scriptures there are stories about many Devils rather than one Satan. This evolved later into one Devil who was the direct counterpart to god. Some believe that Lucifer who was once an angel, turned sinister and grew powerful becoming the Devil.

In Islam the Devil is not a counterpart to God. He was a higher being who refused to bow down to God’s creation of man.

In the Middle Ages the Devil became a being of supernatural powers to seduce, manipulate and destroy others. He created an army of evil which expanded to included Witches, Sorcerers and heretics.

The Devil appears as sometimes human-like, or reptilian with clawed hands and a tail. He has horns which is a sign of the natural dark forces that he poses. Witches reported the Devil as being a dark tall man dressed in black. He can also appear as a red creature, as animals such as Black Dogs or serpents. Martin Luther encountered the Devil who appeared to him in the form of a monk with bird claws for hands.

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