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Dike is one of the Nymphs that make up the Horae. The Horae were originally seen as personifications of the changing seasons and the forces of nature but later the Horae became goddesses in their own right. The Horae were depicted as being at the gates of Olympus and alongside Zeus. They were responsible for the growth of plants and the stability of society.

Dike was seen as the goddess or the personification of Justice, her name means ‘Just Retribution’. Her mother was Themis the goddess of divine justice. her father was Zeus. Despite being celestial born she was born a human woman and so she lived on the earth to keep justice there. However Zeus did not take well to this idea and so out of his love he took her up to live in Olympus with all the other gods and goddesses were she would sit and watch over the law and order from Mount Olympus. When she witnessed people being unfair or unjust she would pierce them in the heart with a sword made from Aesa but rewarded those who engaged n virtue. Dike was known to be the very best of all the virgins. Her sisters were Eunomia (Good Order, Good Pastures) and Irene (Peace, Wealth).

The ancient Greek writer Hesois in his work Works and Days 212 states:

“There is a noise when Dike (Justice) is being dragged in the way where those who devour bribes and give sentence with crooked judgements, take her. And she, wrapped in mist, follows to the city and haunts of the people, weeping, and bringing mischief to men, even to such as have driven her forth in that they did not deal straightly with her. But they who give straight judgements to strangers and to the men of the land, and go not aside from what is just, their city flourishes, and the people prosper in it.”

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