Dionysian Centaurs

Also known as Pheres Lamioi

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A group of 12 Centaurs that were originally spirits sent by Zeus to guard the baby god Dionysos. The group of twelve went to the River Lamos in Cilicia in southern Anatolia to guard the baby from the monsters of the violent goddess Hera. Hera wanted the baby dead and so she turned the twelve spirits into centaurs with the horns of an ox. They drove the chariot of Dionysus when he matured. One source from Nonnus describes these beasts as humans with the horns of an ox and the tail of a horse making them a type of Satyr. The twelve Centaurs were: Amphithemis, Aisakos, Orthaon, Petraios, Phaunos, Phanes, Keteus, Gleneus, Eurybios, Spargeus, Nomeion and Rhiphonos.

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