Donn Tarbh

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The great bull of Ireland also known as the ‘Brown Bull’ and Donn of Cualgne. It may have once been part of a creation myth but this bull was said to be of colossal size that an army could stand in its shadow. The people of Ulster and Connaught fought between each over to win the possession of the Donn of Cualgne. Originally the bull was a pig-keeper called Firuch meaning ‘Boar’s Bristle’ and he competed with his opponent Ruach ‘Boar’s Grunt’. During their fight they transformed into many animals such as water worms, Dragons ravens and stags but finally ended up being two bulls. They remained in these states forever. The Donn of Cualgne took part in a battle that started when the Queen Maeve provoked Ulster to attack by stealing the bull. In the fight the Donn of Cualgne killed the hero Finnbennach but was fatally wounded.

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