Also known as Dobharchu

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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
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The lord of otters in Celtic lore. It is 6 8ft long, can break through trees and rocks and tunnels underground. It has short white fur, a dark cross on its back and is able to swim at an extraordinary pace. The Dorraghow was known as ‘The King of the Lakes’ but the name is Irish Gaelic and translates as ‘Otter’.

A story tells of how a husband went in search for his missing wife. After some time he found his wife lying dead with the great Dorraghow upon her corpse. Enraged, he swiftly killed the beast with a spear. The creature let out a whistling noise as it died in a desperate attempt to call its mate. A second Dorraghow then emerged and pounced on the man, but the man was quick and he put end to the second beast.

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