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  • North American North American (culture)
  • Giant Giant (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

A Giant from the myths of the Shosone Native Americans from Utah and Nevada. This tenacious Giant once stole the two eggs or children from Dove. Dove managed to rescue them but on her way back to her nest, Dzoavits stalked her. Dzoavits started rapidly pursuing Dove and her children intent on eating them all. Dove had previously asked her animal friends for help and had been given some tallow meat, stomach paunch and some feathers. The birds reached a river and were trapped until Crane came and extended his leg to form a bridge. Dzoavits waded through the water and continued to chase them. The birds then flew into a maze while her friends distracted the Giant to follow the wrong route. Eventually Dzoavits found his way out and continued to chase Dove. Dove used the tallow to create a chasm but the monster found his way around that. She used the stomach paunch, which transformed into a cliff face and when that obstacle failed she used the feathers, which created a fog. She then encountered badger who had built two holes. Dove and her children hid in one while badger persuaded Dzoavits to enter the other. While in the hole, badger threw hot rocks down until the hole was sealed. Dove and her children were finally safe.

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