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Eunomia was one of the Horae who were a group of Nymphs that were originally seen as personifications nature’s seasons and the forces of nature. Later the Horae were seen as goddesses that lived in Mount Olympus. There they encouraged the growth of plants on Earth and maintained stability in human society. They were primarily worshiped in the cities of Athens, Argos and Olympia.

Eunomia in particular was the Nymph of lawful conduct with her name meaning: ‘Lawful Order’. She was responsible for enhancing good laws and was a Spring time goddess of green pastures. Her sisters were the goddesses Dike (Justice) and Eirene (Peace, Spring). In paintings she is commonly depicted as a companion to Aphrodite and was thus a representative of the obedience of a woman in marriage. The ancient Greek writer Demosthenes in his work Against Aristogeiton (Greek rhetoric C4th B.C.E) said of Eunomia:

“You must magnify Eunomia (the Goddess of Order) who loves what is right and preserves every city and every land; and before you cast your votes, each juryman must reflect that he is being watched by hallowed and inexorable Dike (Justice), who, as Orpheus, that prophet of our most sacred mysteries, tells us, sits beside the throne of Zeus and oversees all the works of men. Each must keep watch and ward lest he shame that goddess, from whom everyone that is chosen by lot derives his name of juror, because he has this day received a sacred trust from the laws, from the constitution, from the fatherland,--the duty of guarding all that is fair and right and beneficial in our city.”

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