Eye Killers

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  • South American South American (culture)
  • Forest Dweller Forest Dweller (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

Creatures from south west Native America who killed people by staring at them. There were two Eye Killers; one male and one female. These Demons were born from a chieftain’s daughter who impregnated herself from an ancient form of a dildo. They had serpentine bodies with two arms ending in paws. Their heads were that of an owl’s and they had the ability to shoot lightning bolts out of their eyes. Shamans worked endlessly to exorcise the Demons from their village. Villagers would build fires to ward off the Demons, but the Eye Killers usually killed them before the fires were lit. Eventually a hero named ‘Monster Slayer’ built a fire to attract the Eye Killers. When the monsters came, the hero threw salt on the fire. This caused the Demon to close their eyes, long enough for Monster Slayer to quickly club them to death.

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