Feng Hwang

Also known as Feng Huang, Fum Hwang, Fung Hwang, Ho-O, Hwang, Shuo Yung.

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The Chinese version of the Phoenix. It has the head and crest of a pheasant and the tail of a peacock. It had the body of a swan and the hind parts of a Unicorn. Its stood at 9ft tall and had a plumage of green, yellow, red, white and black. It is seldom seen and disappears during warfare. It is attracted to flute playing and on a very rare occasion it is heard singing along to the tune. It represents the archaic strength of the Heavens as well as beauty and peace. It also symbolizes the elements with its wings being wind, its head the solar cockerel, its body the lunar crescent, its tail and feathers the trees and flowers and its feet the Earth. It is one of four creatures responsible for balance in the universe. The others are Chi’Lin, Tortoise and Dragon.

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