Flying Heads

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  • North American North American (culture)
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These were sinister creatures from the myths of Iroquois Native Americans. They were huge human heads with straggling hair, fiery eyes and gigantic sharp teeth that locked like a prison door. Instead of ears they had wings of a bat. They fly through the skies on stormy nights in search for humans and cattle to eat. Once they bit they did not let go. Anyone trapped in their jaws could not escape. One lady was able to outwit and trick the creatures. One evening she lit a fire in her own hut with hot coals to roast some chestnuts. She roasted one, broke off the outer shell and ate it loudly with approval of its delicious taste. Tempted at this sight, a Flying Head came in her house and went straight towards the fire to eat the chestnuts. It swallowed the hot coals along with the chestnuts and since its teeth had slammed shut, it could not open its mouth and thus burnt to death.

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