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  • Aboriginal Aboriginal (culture)
  • Giant Giant (attribute)
  • Mountain Dweller Mountain Dweller (attribute)
  • Friendly Friendly (behaviour)

A Giantess form the tales of the tribes from Victoria, Australia. She lived in the mountains and gave birth to a son named Woo. Unlike his mother, Woo was very dexterous and adventurous. When he grew up, he left the mountains and discovered many things bout life. However, he became corrupted by the wicked ways of others. His mother hearing this began to despair. Longing for her son to come back and being alone she cried ever day until a continuous flow of tears ran down her face. She cried for so long and became so depressed that she became immobile. Eventually, tiring of worldly life, Woo returned and saw her mother in distress. He developed deep regret for his actions and cried until he died of grief.

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