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A Giant from the times of King Arthur. With the help of the Wizard Merlin, the Giantess Galemelle and Grant-Gossier used the nail parings of Guinevere and cow and whale bones to make a son whom they called ‘Gargantua’. When Gargantua grew to adulthood, he was of enormous size. He was so vast that when he snored he would suck in and swallow people. When he took people prisoner, he put them in a hole in his tooth. Due to his colossal size, the whole in his tooth was so enormous that it held a tennis court. Gargantua went to King Arthur’s court and became a Giant slayer. He defeated Gos et Magos and took on a number of other Giants. According to Francois Rabelais (1494 - 1553), Gargantua was the father if Pantagruel. Much later, Gargantua became a Town Giant of Bailleul in Nord Pas de Calais.

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