Also known as Ghuli, Ghol, Ghowl, Qutrub, Gulah.

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  • Multiple Cultures Multiple Cultures (culture)
  • Forest Dweller Forest Dweller (attribute)
  • Cave Dweller Cave Dweller (attribute)
  • Seductive Seductive (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

These are devilish creatures that are notorious and come from the beliefs of North Africa, the Middle East, India and beyond. They date back to pre-Islamic times and males were originally called Qutrub and the females Gulah. They inhabit places where people have died in the wilderness, mainly on islands, caves, and lonely forests. They have an ugly humanoid shape with shaggy hair. They are quick-witted and are heavily attracted to humans. Sometimes they have been known to shape-shift into an ostrich with one eye. They appear at the scenes of murder and upon the battlefields when the living victorious warriors are gone. There these creatures feast on the dead. They are known to seduce humans by transforming into pleasant forms but also hunt them down and eat them.

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