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There have been numerous Giants scattered around all mythologies of the World. They take on many characteristics but they all have one thing in common; they are large in size and have great strength. Some were seen as larger humans while others where so colossal that hey are almost beyond our imagination.

The Giants of Britain were known for carving out the landscape. Huge boulders left by the retreating glaciers were said to be evidence of Giants at work. The Giants here were responsible for creating mountain, hills and crevasses and islands. According to Geoffery of Monmouth (1100 - 1154) in his book Historia Regnum Britannaie, the British Giants were the first race of intelligent creatures who were wiped out by the Trojans. Most notable was the great leader Albion of which the island was named after for while.

In Norse mythology the Giants came in different groups. There were Frost Giants, Stone Giants, Cliff Giants and Fire Giants. They were vast creatures that many times challenged the gods to prove their skills and might. It was believed that they would return to Middle Earth at Ragnarok where they would bring destruction to mankind.

The word Giant originates from the Greek creatures, the Gigantes. These were humans of huge size that had snakes for legs. They were born covered in armour and attacked the gods.

In the East Asia the Giants were mainly cosmic beings that created the world such as Pan-Gu born form an egg whose body became the Earth. Similar stories appear in Norse as Ymir the primordial Frost Giant whose body became the world when he was killed by the gods.

The Giants of North America were either friendly beings of colossal size or large humans that were violent and aggressive.

The Biblical Giants lived form the beginning of time. Since according to the Bible, all sinister creatures were wiped out in a global flood, all the Giants should have been killed. However there was geographical evidence that the Giants lived more recently. The priest got round this by stating that a giant lived on the roof of Noah’s Ark or that Noah himself was a Giant. They had children that descended through the blood lines of Europe.

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