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The female form of a Giant. Like most Giants they are humans of gigantic proportions and are very clumsy. However the females are said to be very attractive. Unlike the male Giants, the females tend to be benevolent to humans, though some are deadly. In Celtic mythology, the Giantess tends to be ugly and helped form the landscape such as the Scottish Callieach Bheur who created the mountains of Scotland and the Hebridean Islands. Some Giants were married and together they built structures and islands. In Norse mythology the female Giants are known as Gygr and play an important role. They were said to be very beautiful and attractive unlike the brutish looking males. Many gods and heroes wished to marry a Giantess but had to outwit or complete tasks of the male counterparts. Giantesses include: Angrboda, Bebinn, Cormelian, Cyidei Cymeinfoll, Dzoo-Noo-Qua, Galemell, Gerd, Giantess of Putney and Fulham, Gougou, Iarnsaxa, Muilearteach, Thokk and Tytea Magna.

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