Gog and Magog

Also known as Guildhall Giants

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These are the names of two Giants from the legends of ancient Britain. They were children from the evil daughters of Diocletian who ruled the British Isles. A Trojan called Brutus came to the land to conquer it. He fought Gog and Magog and had them chained to the gates in London. Some believe that Gog and Magog were the last of the Giants that ruled Britain and that they were imprisoned by Alexander the Great behind bronze and iron gates. When King Arthur came to Britain the two Giants escaped and fought in the court of the King. A French tale states that Gos et Magos as they are known, were killed by the Giant Gargantua. Effigies were made to guard the London Guildhall. The originals were destroyed in the Great Fire of London. New ones were made but these were lost in the bombings of the Second World War. Now a third set of statues have been cast and still stand. Gog holds a mace while Magog is armed with a spear.

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