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A woodland spirit of Finnish legend. He lives in places of sacrifice and has lopsided eyes that have no eyelids. He constantly stares in an aggressive way with an ugly face. He lived with two other spirits; Paha and Lempo. There are two stories that state how these mischievous spirits brought down the great hero Vainamoinen. One states that Vainamoinen was using his axe whilst working on a magical boat made from fragments of the spindle of the Maid of Pohja. The other story states that Vainamoinen was fighting off a band of Demons. Both stories state that Paha, Hiisi and Lempo caused Vainamoinen to miss with his axe and drive it into his knee. Paha then picked up the axe, Lempo drove it into Vainamoinen’s chest and Hiisti caused all of his blood to flow from his body. In ancient times the Hiisi was the name of a Giant, the son of the hero Kaleva but in medieval times, Hiisi became another name for the Devil.

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