Horses of the Sun

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These were celestial horses that pulled the sun across the sky. Usually they would pull a cosmic chariot of which the sun god travelled on. In Greek mythology there were eight horses who pulled the chariot of the god Helios. They were strong white horses with large nostrils, which issued flames and smoke. By night the horses would graze on magical herbs on the Islands of the Blessed. The Horae Nymphs would tie them to the chariots to pull the sun throughout the day.

In Greek mythology eight horses were; Actaeon, Aethiops, Ameethea, Astrope, Bronte, Erytheros, Lampon, Phaeton, Phlegon, Purocis, Pyroieis and Sterope. In Norse mythology they were Alsvid, Arvak, Hrimfaxi, and Skinfaxi. In Indian belief they were the Gandharvas.

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