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  • Norse Norse (culture)
  • Giant Giant (attribute)
  • Mountain Dweller Mountain Dweller (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

A stone Giant that boasted his great strength and fine horse that he owned. He admired the horse of the god Odin called Sleipnir, so the Giant challenged the god to a race. The winner would own their opponents horse. During the race, every time Hrungnir thought he was ahead, he would see Odin in the distance. He was tricked into racing paced the gates of Asgard and into the realm of the gods. There he admitted defeat but stayed to dine with the gods. While drunk he lost his temper and argued that he would destroy the gods. To settle the dispute he entered single combat with Thor. During the fight, Hrungnir parried the blow of Thor’s hammer with his stone club. The stone club shattered and a splinter went into Thor’s head. In pain he released the hammer which flew into Hrungnir, killing him.

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