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These were Giants from Greek mythology that are believed to inhabit the far north of Thrace. according to their belief, the god of cold wind, Boreas was said to inhabit Thrace and therefore Hyperboria was a land that was beyond that of which little is known. It is said that the land of Hyperborea was a most peaceful place where the sun shone 24 hours a day. It is believed that this may be a particular place in the Artic circle. However some believe that Hyperborea could have been Britain.

There were said to be three Giants of Hyperborea, all were the sons of the god Boreas and Khione, the goddess of the snow. These acted as immortal and majestic priests of the Hyperborean people. According to the historian Aelian, in his book On Animals (ca. 2nd the Giants were 6 cubits in height (2.5 meters or 9 ft tall). These priests perform special rituals at a circular temple of immense size where poets sing and great flocks of swan circle the temple in their flight. They prayed to the god Apollo and the Hyperborean tribe made many sacrifices of asses to their god. The race of Hyperboreans were a musical tribe that constantly glorified Apollo in a never ending musical festival. The Hyperboreans crop up in many parts of Greek mythology. Perseus travelled to the land once and Heracles went there twice for two separate reasons. Abaris who was given a magic arrow by Apollo flew round the world on it and on his way he visited the Hyperboreans in their land.

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