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A carnivorous rat of Egyptian, Greek and African mythology. It is said to be the killer of asps and crocodiles. It would hide in the mud until its skin hardened and then it would rush into the mouth of a crocodile and devour it from the inside. Some believe that it did the same to the asp while others state that it just ate the eggs of an asp. The Ichneumon also appears in the tale from the Kalahari Bushmen. It was the adopted grandson of Mantis and his father was Kwamang-a, a rainbow spirit and his mother was Porcupine. Mantis stole the shoe of Kwamang-a and turned it into an eland. Ichneumon and Kwamang-a went in search for his shoe and found the eland drinking by the water. They shot it and skinned the creature. Mantis then found another of Kwamang-a’s shoes and threw into the sky to create the moon.

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