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A monstrous creature from Hindu mythology whose name means ‘barrel’. It has a hairy body without a head. Its body is surrounded by eight arms and hands which act as legs. Its one enormous eye and mouth with sharp fangs lies in the centre of its body, looking vaguely similar to a spider. According to the scriptures of ‘Ramayana’, he was once a Gandharva but quarreled with the god Indra. Indra thus fought this beast and struck him with powerful weapons, knocking off his head and severing his legs. Kabandha then swelled up like a barrel and grew more arms, one eye and a mouth. In this state he battled against Rama who used a vajra to destroy him. Once defeated, Kabandha transformed back into a Gandharva. As gratitude to Rama for helping him become his normal self again, he battled alongside the hero to fight the Demons of Ravana.

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