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This is an evil female spirit from the beliefs of the Solomon islanders. Despite her malicious nature, she created some of the animals in the world such as pigs. She also created some of the trees. Kahausibware usually manifests in the form of a snake and at times she is very destructive and she introduced death into the world. At one time long ago, the first mother of this world, left her baby as she attended work in her garden. The baby kept screaming for her to come back but she happily stayed in the garden. Kahausibware came and unable to tolerate the noise, she coiled herself round the baby to stangle it. Seeing her baby in danger, the first mother took an axe and attacked Kahausibware. The snake used her magical powers to rejoin the pieces of her body together and heal her wounds but the mother kept attacking. Under repeated attack, Kahausibware slivered away to a distant island. As she retreated she said,

‘ Who will help you now? ’
Since then the days of this world have never been the same again.

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