Karasa Tengu

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A giant bird in Japanese folklore. It has a large red beak, animal ears and dangerous talons. It preys upon people. The Tengu are evil demonic creatures from Japanese folklore that usually take the form of a Goblin or Ogre. The Karasa Tengu has the head of a black or white crane on a long neck making them the tallest of the Tengu. In some cases they have the head of a black or green crow. They have human ears and human hair. Their beaks are very large and are lined with sharp teeth. Their hands and feet end in bird-like claws. The Karasa Tengu have small wings that beat extremely fast much like that of a humming bird. They are depicted in many ways but red is a prominent colour for them- either red clothing, skin or hair.

The Karasa Tengu are servants to the Yamabushi Tengu. The Karasa Tengu tend to be librarians and live in decaying libraries, abandoned temples or ruined monasteries where they learn and increase their knowledge with much enthusiasm. Unlike other Tengu they are not so vicious and can be quite courteous. They obsessively collect any books, scriptures or tomes that they can get their hands on.

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