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Meaning ‘the Lord of the Desert’ from Persian language, the Karkadann is a one-horned mammal with the tail of a lion and three yellow hooves on each foot. It is white in colour and has a black horn. The Karkadann was spotted living acrosss India and North Africa. It is powerful enough to prey on elephants and is very hostile. The song of the ringneck dove that the Karkadann adores has the power to calm it. As a result it tends to protect the nests of ringneck doves. Like many Unicorns, or one-horned animals, the horn was said to contain powerful medicinal purposes.

The Persian scholar, Al-Biruni (973-1048) reported the animal to have the shape of a buffalo, lack scaly skin, a tail that was not long and its eyes lower than its cheek. Its ears pointed out like that of a donkey.

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