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A creation creature from the beliefs of the Aboriginal people. Karora was born from the depths of the ocean or in some tales from under the earth. At one time he gave birth to many bandicoots that emerged from his armpits. The bandicoots dug their way to the surface of the earth at the same time as the first sun dawned on earth. Karora's son lived upon the earth and out of hunger, he killed and ate the bandicoots. Karora then gave birth to two more bandicoots but they were also eaten. This process continued for some time until Karora decided to take action. The beast approached his son and guided him to the edge of a water hole. When his son was waiting on the edge, a tidal wave of honey suckle from the honey suckle buds engulfed and drowned the son. After this Karora returned to the bottom of the waterhole to sleep. A waterhole where it is believed he sleeps is named after him.

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